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EPIC River Project


  This is a project to redirect a Sussex river from concrete culvert and industrial land to instead flow freely through a newly created public park in Sompting Brooks.  The work is funded by a Heritage lottery grant and is supported by the Sompting Estate where it is situated.  The project is run by the Ouse and Adur Rivers Trust
  A small part of the river was in the open by the recycle centre in
Broadwater where water quality and access were very poor
Here is the new river under construction 
with Sompting church steeple in the background
(It is situated south of the A27 between 
Broadwater and Sompting near Worthing)



  As public artist my role starts with research into the history of the site, wildlife (current, hoped for and feared) and local stories and myths.

The sculptures that I install at the site are intended to enhance and focus the identity of the place and to provoke thought.
This involves visually interpreting what is there, but is hidden or unspoken at present.  
It involves looking for an essence and overview as well as detail.  
It involves understanding and adding to the atmosphere of the space


seat back

seat front first sketch

  The second part of the project is public workshops with local people and from this to create a seat, which will be installed at the site.


Free public workshops will be held at the Harriet Johnson Centre in Loose Lane, Sompting 

The first was


Sunday 6th October 12.00 noon - 6pm 

drawing in charcoal and chalk onto paper droplets, featuring the history of the site, wildlife, crops, and myths

click here for detailed flyer


click to picture enlarge
We had lots of contributions in the form of droplet drawings, ideas and stories about the river and the site during the first workshop.  

Here is a picture of the results!



This is part of the national project THE BIG DRAW!

Have a look at EPICs Facebook posts  



two really critical workshops follow during half term
but again open to all age groups
(children under 12 must again be accompanied by an adult)

to make 23 cement droplets for the seat back,
 which will be permanently sited by the new river

Tuesday 29th October 09:00 - 12:00

Saturday 2nd November 2:00pm - 6:00pm

no need to have participated in the first workshop 

no need to be good at sculpture.  Drop in and see what we are doing and join in when you want to


  This is how the design for the cement bench back works this includes workshop drawings but also symbols for stories which were given verbally and other history which is important to the site



We are going to make these droplets in cement a bit like the droplet below but smaller and with less detail
I have begun to make the bench structure.  It will become far more curvy and lovely when the wire shape is added, but at this stage it needs to be a very strong structure underneath.



  The third part of the project is for me to create focal sculptures which will be carved in wood or stone.  These will evolve from the research and community phase of the project

See public sculpture page for other outdoor work in this style

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