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Small and large scale works for sale or commission, 
for interiors, gardens and public sites



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It is difficult to say how the Covid19 pandemic has changed my work as an artist yet.
The early horror of the situation had a paralyzing affect,
but I was lucky in that my family were all well and I had a project in progress.  Only a few weeks into lockdown the green oak pieces were delivered onto my lawn so that I could start 3 very large carvings (around 300kg each) .  So after a few weeks of just drawing a few studies of the burgeoning spring plants that seemed so contradictory to the situation in their exuberance after all the winter rain...I just began to work in the studio as usual.  It was a great refuge.  I live in a rural environment down a very quiet lane, so the wider catastrophe of the pandemic world could just be put aside during these studio times.

This is the current project:

EPIC river project

  click here for details

I have also just added detail of other new studio work undertaken through the distraction of the year long building project at our property

follow this link for new work in general

new work 




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