sculpture and drawing

Small and large scale works for sale or commission, 
for interiors, gardens and public sites



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New artworks

and artworks in progress

I have a new experimental two dimensional project underway which concentrates on a certain type of slightly unreal Downland landscape, where the distance or object seems somehow unattainable.  This started as work in watercolour paint (as below) but this seemed to be too much about technique and process so I have switched to creating small oil paintings on birch wood panels to experiment with more flexibility.    The full extent of this project will gradually unfold over the next year or so.


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oil paintings on birch panels

Heads with headdresses remain an ongoing project as they have been since I graduated in 1983.  Below are 2 new drawings and they are the starting point for cement and wood sculpture - photos will follow......

I have spent some time during the summer carving small pieces, to some extent as a reaction to the large outdoor sculpture commissions which took up all of last year.  These are much more light hearted, fun and take much shorter amounts of time.  However my ambition is to gain more large scale commissions for outdoor/public sites and spend as long as they need on them.

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Heathland Waymarker

Installed at Buchan Country Park January 2018

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