sculpture and drawing

Small and large scale works for sale or commission, 
for interiors, gardens and public sites



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Doors and shrines

This is the beginning of a new 2 dimensional project, focusing on pattern, material texture and atmosphere.  Sometimes exploring far away sites visited over the last 20 years, sometimes looking at places very close to home in England.  The images focus on a sense of where you can and can't enter:

There are also new A4 prints of these works on watercolour paper in mounts 30 x 40cm.  
Priced at only 30 each

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The Pargets

Pargetting is a process of creating relief designs in lime plaster.  In the construction stages it has a frame, then things like horse hair, barley straw and sand are mixed into lime putty to build the thickness up without it cracking.  The designs are completed on the surface in one session and the colours are added with organic pigments added in to lime wash.  They can go outside since pargetting is a process which generally decorates the outside walls of older buildings, but these panels could just as well be displayed indoors where the weather would never effect them. 


Heads with headdresses remain an ongoing project as they have been since I graduated in 1983.  

Completed early this year

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