sculpture and drawing

Small and large scale works for sale or commission, 
for interiors, gardens and public sites



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New artworks

and artworks in progress

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Newest Fish see fish page


Binsted Waymarker - Newest public art work to be completed

Cap Head is the newest head sculpture to be complete

Hop Mask as a bronze cast with verdigris finish - complete end of April 2016

Hooded Head was complete just in time for the Horsham 'Enigmatic Head' exhibition

images have been added to Heads page

Just complete and delivered - not yet installed: sign for Buchan Country Park 

(more details in Carved Signs page)

'The Charismatic'  started at The Art in the Garden Trail at Bosham, near Chichester 2015.  It was completed as a wire sculpture and shown at the Horsham Museum in November 2016.  It was finally completed in cement in January 2017.  

Day 1 in the garden at Bosham

November 2015

complete in cement



click image for enlargement and details

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