sculpture and drawing

Small and large scale works for sale or commission, 
for interiors, gardens and public sites



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These head sculptures are intended to be quiet and symbolic.  They may start with particular drawings but evolve into a form that is more about a mood or a time.  They are generally a response to things that are going on in the artist's life or have just been passed through.  In doing this the intention is that others will find something of their own experience in the works. The sculptures pick out who will understand which one.  Their gender is interpreted by those looking at them.

Crow Headdress Head

Crow Cohort 1

Prambanan Shiva

Swirl Helmet Head

Crow Cohort 2

Cap Head

British Museum Monk

Clinic Head

Beam Head

The Overseer

Diagonal Head



Kolkata Shiva

Hooded Head

Jayavarman VII

Flame Headed Day

Medicine Man

Sickle Headed Night



Many of the heads have headdresses.  These can denote many things to in life ie status (high or low, spurious or actual), type of official duty, religious office, wanting to stand out, they can point upwards to an higher realm, they can simply say that a person is going out to have fun that day.  Sometimes hair is worn as a form of headdress with all the accompanying meaning (ie a sumo's wrestlers topknot).  These heads allude to some of these meanings


Samauri (sold)

Sculptural Head

Hermes at Istanbul

Thai Boat Boy

Chola Shiva


The masks take on elements of the natural world as their headdresses/surrounds and are types of foliate face or green man.  Their meaning is always death and rebirth, but this can be viewed in a variety of optimistic or more philosophical ways..



Hop Mask

Engineering Green Man
(black bronze patina)

Black Bryony Mask


Green Boy Mask

Honeysuckle Mask


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