sculpture and drawing

Small and large scale works for sale or commission, 
for interiors, gardens and public sites



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Wood designs, small commissions and courses

Seahorse Relief

Oak Green Man - commissioned carving

Bryony and hawthorn - commissioned carving

Ivy Wyvern Panel with gold added as indoor decorative piece

commissions undertaken for specific sizes, locations and themes



Crestless Newt

Crested Newt and Pond

Bedelands Bryony  [Sold]

Hand carved signs to commission

for further information click here

Hawthorn roundel

Hawthorn Fragment  [sold]

Bryony Snake Dance

Briar Rose

Double Dragon Decorative Panel - [sold]

Learn the basics of woodcarving 

in 2 days at the studio in Cowfold

click here for more details


Wyvern Bargeboard

128 x 24 x 3cm, 800


Are carving, fretwork or just wooden fascia that are fixed under the roofline of a house or outbuilding.  As at Tudor Court, Rottingdean, they can be highly ornate with carvings of roses and mythical creatures and black or silver grey in colour.  They are nearly always oak because of its durability out of doors.  I am interested in designing and carving these for specific buildings.  On the left is a sample design although it has been adapted in this case as a more flexible decorative panel rather than fitted under a roof.  This panel could be displayed indoors over a fireplace or doorway. 


Quadrifoil  [sold]

Newel Posts carved to personal themes



Black Bryony II

[presented to the Duke of Gloucester!]

Ground Ivy Design 




Personalized plaques with stylized references


Cat caskets - for the ashes of a pet  



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