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Hand Carved Wood Signs



I sometimes carve signs and am happy to take on public or private commissions of these   

What I am offering would make a very unique impression on anyone approaching your property

My skills are interpreting the natural world in images that flow together to make a coherent design.  This can be as divers as an exploration of a whole habitat for public sculpture or a small motif around the border of a private house sign

I can add writing in the form of hand cut letters.  They are cut to a V profile and then painted with black enamel type paint which works very well outside.  I do not use a router.  

I use oak - either seasoned for smaller signs or green for large more rustic pieces.  The sign is finally coated with Danish oil and can be recoated periodically or allowed to slowly fade to silver

A price guide is that large intricate panels may be 800 - 1,500 but smaller house signs with less complex carving would be around 200-300 depending on wood costs and time involved.


I am currently completing the sign for Buchan Country Park's Wild Garden which some of you may have seen at the Bentley Wood Fair.

I will add photos as it is complete.


Times new roman font, seasoned oak supplied 650 x 400 x 35mm, letters hand cut 60mm high, total work 150 (19 letters)

Buchan trail sign with number 7

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