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EPIC River Project

How the Water Bench was made and moved

  It started with scale drawings that were used to get the dimensions for the real thing  
seat back

seat front
this wire form was used for displaying drawings and the droplet layout during the workshops but also became part of the final bench

The bench frame was made of steel, bolts, aluminium wire, and wire mesh

The workshop droplets were wired in early on in the process
The bench is made very hollow with a thick layer of cement built directly onto the wire of the frame.

The seats have very tough circles of steel rod and mesh, wired on to the angled steel frame
  It got very heavy in the studio and I wasn't certain how well the crane would lift it.  It has the capacity of half a tonne. The seat may be around 350 - 400kg.

The crane got it out of the studio

My neighbours helped get it across the garden with a tractor

It stayed here from January 2020 to May 2021

It has steel protruding out of the bottom to fix into cement foundations at the final site.  These steel legs  just slowly sank into the lawn and it stayed put very happily in the garden.


Water Bench front in the studio garden
click for enlargement

Water Bench back in the studio garden
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At the end of April 2021 it was ready to move to the site and groundsman Kieran came with a trailer to collect it.  My Neighbour again helped lift it 

It took a lot of working out how to fix it down to move it without risking damage
It arrived perfectly safely.
This is how the bench was moved at the EPIC river site.  

Finally in place in May 2021
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