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EPIC River Project

Sompting Fossil Water Dragon

  We looked at pictures of fossil water creatures which could have been swimming around Sompting when it was under the sea.  Chalk Fossils have been found in gardens in the area.  

Lots of drawings were made by adults and children, mostly in families but also some local adults came in couples to join in.

We ran the workshops in the garden outside the Harriet Johnson Centre because of Covid restrictions.  The weather was very kind to us.

  I made a scale drawing to bring together all the ideas that were put forward in the workshops.  This could be measured to work out how to lay out the final riverside dragon at 6 meters wide.  

The drawing is 60cm wide so the ratio is 1:10  Each square is 15cm x 15cm on the drawing and 150cm x 150cm on the final site.  The site was marked out with flourenscent string 



The second workshop was spent making cement bones and shaping pieces of chalk to be pieces of spine, claws etc

I made some long bones, the scull and tail details in white cement in the following weeks, so that there were some features to build around on the final all day workshop.

  September 12th was the final day.  The weather was again perfect for the time of year!

All wing, leg, feet and spine shapes were created on the day. There was impressive skill shown by participants in selecting good shapes from the chalk or cement bones to add up to a wonderfully lively whole water dragon image.


The green string squares are visible and copies of the basic design were on the ground for people to refer to.


A nest was added for the water dragon to fly to and from.
People made eggs and babies for the dragon to feed and care for.

  Finally a drone flew over and filmed the scene.  

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