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EPIC River Project

The story of creating the wood feature sculptures

  These are the three designs which are drawn out 1:5 scale.
This is what I measure off and start shaping the wood to.
  I also make scale models in wire, plaster and Das.  These are invaluable for setting out the shape and following the design round as a three dimensional form. 

You can see one laying on the wood below and in several of the other photos
The wood was delivered by the sawmill onto the lawn in front of the studio during the first Covid lockdown.  Two pieces were over 300kg and I couldn't get the crane legs underneath without hoisting and putting big wood blocks under first


This is 'Teaching the Sompting Fishermen' in the studio and up on benches by this stage


Here it is again  - also featuring ear defenders, scale model, coffee mug, brush, carving tools, Sharpie pen...and a bronze head in the background.....


This is the wheel on the back of the Flying Predator carving.  I had extra drawings to refer to for this, which are leaning against the wall in the back left corner in a shiny plastic sleeve

This is 'River Life force' as it is being stained.
The scale drawing can just be seen underneath against the wall, along with the cement newt sample made during the EPIC Launch event in April 2019

Newt head being finished outdoors in April 2021

And here is the frog
Taking photos sometimes helps see it differently

  These following images show the laborious process of getting the sculptures out of the studio to finish them off outside in the garden.


Most of the following images are the Flying Predator carving being moved December 20th 2020

The carving was wrapped to prevent abrasion and dirt in transit.

 It was so wet that every stage of moving across the garden needed boards to stop the cart sinking under the weight of the carving

The hole was already filling up with water

The board at the back of the hole stops the carving getting stuck and breaking the back wall down.


There was no help available at this time and the crane needed to be used at every stage.  The crane also would sink into the grass without boards underneath

It took several days but the sculpture was upright by 23rd December 2020

These two images show the Sompting Fishermen carving being set up for finishing.  This is how close they get to upright with the crane.  The neighbours came and helped by pushing each the last few degrees to the final upright position.  

None of these carvings ever fall down into the hole by themselves....


The is 'River Life Force' still being finished just before they were all collected for installation on site.  The Sompting Fishermen carving is under the blue tarpaulin in the background by this time, and I am reusing its hole in the ground for this last carving.

These two carvings stood together in the garden from December 2020 to the end of April 2021 when I started to pack them up
  Here are more views of the sculptures in my garden
- with stone sculptures in the background
(click the images for enlargements)

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