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Waymarkers can mark a route, transition or special place.  Sometimes I create pieces to draw attention to aspects of a habitat in a public park; sometimes the references are more personal to myself or a commissioner; sometimes I am asked to design the carving using references that are particular to a person who has died.  

The Waymarkers are always symbolic and organic in style. They are created using a variety of tool marks to make tactile textures and patterns.  1/3 of their length is in the ground.  They are treated with bitumen paint below ground and up to 10cm above the soil level.  They donít need to be cemented in, but can be for security.  They take 3-4 weeks to carve for the smaller ones  and several months for the largest.  They are carved in green oak with Danish oil as the final finish.  They need to be re-oiled only periodically once installed.

Prices are between £1,500 Ė 5,000 for commissions  




Binsted Waymarker

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(also see public sculpture)

Fireserpent Waymarker
currently in the studio garden

Heathland Waymarker

Commissioned sculpture for Buchan Country Park to celebrate the work of Senior Ranger Robin Edwards who retired in June 2016 after 27 years

Frogshole Waymarker
commissioned and installed in a  private garden February 2016

Black and White Bryony Waymarker
purchased and installed in sculpture trail in Cornwall



Bedelands Nature Reserve 
Gateway Waymarker detail


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Wing Waymarker 
purchased and installed in private garden in Durrington

Chestnut and Bracken Leaf Waymarker

purchased and installed in sculpture trail in Cornwall

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