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Flow of Life - Bedelands Public Sculpture 

for Burgess Hill Green Circle Network



the proposals


* Bedelands Local Nature Reserve is in the north of Burgess Hill 

In October 2016 Janine was  commissioned to complete designs for a sculptural piece at the pedestrian entrance to Bedelands (behind the football pitches off Maple Drive).  

The sculpture is to celebrate the natural wild things that you can find in the Reserve.  These include bats, adders tongue ferns, grass snakes, crested newts, wild service trees and dormice. 

The designs were displayed and discussed with the public in the Market Place Shopping centre in Burgess Hill in January alongside the other 4 artists making sculpture for the Green Circle trail. 

During the project Janine showed slides and discussed the wildlife with adults of Green Circle Network volunteers, and children at Sheddingdean and Manor Field Primary schools.  She also ran a 'have a go' carving session and had displays of the project at the Wild About Mid Sussex event in Burgess Hill in June.  

* the final sculpture is carved in green oak and was completed In September.  The opening event was on 1st October 2017

* Each gateway element  is 45cm wide 15cm thick and 2.2m high.  They stand 1.2m apart around the step-through gate.




Mock up of how it may look
using images of maquettes

The wildlife includes: adders tongue fern, crested newt, grass snake, dormouse, maidenhair fern, wild service tree, 
ground ivy, pipistrelle bat


Work in Progress


    The sculpture was completed outside in the artist's garden
Installation was carried out in September

Opening event in October

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