sculpture and drawing

Small and large scale works for sale or commission, 
for interiors, gardens and public sites



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Click on images for details and prices of original works

Many of these images are available as greetings cards and mini prints in mounts @ 20 each

New work is now available as A4 prints on watercolour paper in mounts @ 30 each



Doors and Shrines

This is the beginning of a new 2 dimensional project, focusing on pattern, material texture and atmosphere.  Sometimes exploring far away sites visited over the last 20 years, sometimes looking at places very close to home in England.  
The images focus on a sense of where you can and can't enter:

Batukaru Shrine, Java

South Door, Kilpeck

Glastonbury Abbey Door

Door Ajar, Binsted

Guardian Lion, Bejing

Restored Gate, Chongqing

Borobudur Buddha, Java

Nataraja Shiva, Tanjore

Cuckoo Plant study

Road Home, Bostal


more landscapes

Natural Forms





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