sculpture and drawing

Small and large scale works for sale or commission, 
for interiors, gardens and public sites



Small Sculpture


Little Cat maquette 
(see large sculpture for other cat sculpture)


Spotted Block Winkle

Block Whelk


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This is a small selection - others are available and can be viewed by appointment

Named Gallery details are on What's On page


Black Bryony Mask, Edition of 10

5 available

Winklestone Mini Fish

currently at Arundel Art Room gallery

Honeysuckle Mask, Edition of 10

9 available

Spine Shell at Roffey Park Exhibition

Garden sculpture - Spider Conche

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Ground Ivy Design 








Snail Form

Wrapped Head


Black Bryony Sold 

Micraster Fossil

Ivy Fruit


Lovers Knot 

Fish Grain

Scalloped Whelk Sold
at New Ashgate Gallery

Wiggle Fish

Black Whelk Sold

Spiral Shell Sold

Back Head

Green Boy Verdigris - 5 SOLD FROM EDITION  
1 remaining 


Tall Fish 

Queer Fish Sold 
at Pelham House Hotel, Lewes

Mini Fish

Ivy flowers SOLD

Beast Wheel, Bury

Snake King

White Bryony

Hood Head

Marble and Gold Fish

Scallop Form

Diagonal Head


Slate Lotus

Ammonite V 

New Curve Fish


small sculptures

large sculptures

public sculptures






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