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Knowing Ivy 

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January 2015 started with a 4 week residency at Croydon High School to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the founding of the school.  Janine worked with over 100 of the girls in years 7, 8 and 9 (aged between 12 and 14) to create a study project and finally an anniversary sculpture, which is now permanently sited on the outside of the school.

The plant ivy is the symbol used by the school and is ever present around the building as a motif, but few students had looked closely at the plant even though it grew all round the area and could even be seen from the art room window.

The drawing project

There was a set of drawing exercises for each class but each year group was given a particular study aim as well:  

Year 7 made ivy flowers in wire, year 8 completed a mixed media drawing of the whole plant, year 9 made the armatures (wire frames) for the leaves on the outdoor sculpture 'Knowing Ivy'

Everyone worked in cement on the leaves at some point.

Silver wire leaf drawings by year 9

In progress board of designs, wire and drawing exercises
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Ivy flower and bud drawings by years 7 and 8

The sculpture in progress



Knowing Ivy the sculpture

The florets around Ivy's head are the result of a competition to come up with small symbolic designs about the school to celebrate its 140 year existence and what pupils find enjoyable about being there.  

All pupils put forward ideas and 14 were chosen.  Each representing 10 years of the 140.  Those chosen then made their designs in cement but the pieces were completed in communal way, several were completed in after school clubs by the school's art scholars

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