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Warneford Sculpture Walk 
Adult and Child Portals

Installed for the World Mental Health Day 10th October 2008 

It comprises 3 elements in green oak and is permanently sited in the grounds of the Warneford Hospital

The theme was Transitions and Thresholds
4 other artists also worked on the project

Each worked with a different group at the hospital
Janine worked with the Highfield Child and Adolescent Unit of teenagers who were at the hospital for a number of mental health problems like anorexia, obsession compulsive disorders etc

The images in the work came from a series of workshops and a response to the concerns of these young people.  The sculpture is  intended to be attractive and show positive images as well as reflect fears in a symbolic way. 

This project was run by Artscape who are advocates for the beneficial use of the arts in mental health treatment and run many other projects in the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas. 

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