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Scattered Seeds - Sculpture for Horsham Park 

The Gateway

The Gateway is the final installment of a 2 year project funded by Awards for All lottery money and Horsham District Council.  

The Sculptures are in place in the copse area near the back of Horsham Park.

Their theme is organic movement.  They have specific references to element of wildlife in the green spaces around the Horsham area.  

They are green (unseasoned) oak

Each piece is 4000mm x 600 x 120mm, but 1300 is in the ground and secured with steel rods and 1 cubic metre of concrete.

They weigh around 400kg each piece

Oil pigments and spirit stains were used for the colour and they are treated with Danish oil

The project included public meetings, open days, outreach workshops and a final week residency at the end of May.


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