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Projects involving Film

Some of Janine's projects have involved art films which allow the combination of images in a dream like flow alongside projection of drawings and very low tech marks.  Some film has resulted from responding to schools workshop or public community projects, others have been created from more directly personal themes. 

Film development work was funded by an Arts Council Development Grant, another film was a 'Year of the Artist' funded collaboration with contemporary dancer Kate Lawrence and two later films were funded from Big Draw grants. 

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St Catherine's Chapel Performance

A project as part of the Arts Council Funded 'Year of the Artist' April 2001

A collaboration of Janine with dancer Kate Lawrence, and lighting designer Charlotte McLelland.

The performance involved leading the audience from Guildford's electric Theatre along the river Wey to the ruined Chapel of St Catherine in Artington.

Kate danced in two of the high window recesses of the chapel behind a back projected film of drawing and evocative references to the ghostly history of the chapel.

The performance involved consulting with local historians, congregation of St Nicholas church Guildford, the National Trust, Guildford Borough Council, and dance students at Surrey University. 

Elemental Drawing

A project with 2 by 4 Artists group for the national Big Draw in October 2004

7 artists worked with the public in The Forum in Horsham town centre to create strong imagery on the ground in rice, lentils, soil, shells, stones etc. on the theme of the Elements.  

Janine Coordinated the project, photographed and filmed on the day.

She then edited the film to make a flowing dreamlike record of the event.

Beyond Belief

Beyond Belief was the launch exhibition of the Surrey based group Blink.  There were 3 other artists involved all responding in their individual ways to the theme and the venue of St Mary's church in Guildford.  



Janine's contribution to Beyond Belief was a film projected across the altar bringing references of her journeys abroad looking at sculptures from many religions.  The central idea was that the core of all belief has something in common.  It made reference to the concept of trinity - the title of the three cement heads that link the sections of the film together.

In 2007 Janine was selected as part of a West Sussex County Council project of partnering artists with Heritage sites to create new public Big Draw activities.

Gorgeous Fragments

One of her partner venues was The Weald & Downland Open Air Museum near Chichester.  The vast scale of the site lead to Janine exploring it first in film and photography to come up with an accessible concept to for drawing.

The concept became 'Gorgeous Fragments'.  That was: to see the site not in historical or social terms but in purely visual terms of pattern and texture.  The film was to go alongside photographs to introduce some fragment ideas in a dreamlike way.  

The public were then free to take the idea and look for their own fragments to draw out in pencil, pen and glow paint. These were displayed as tiles hung on a wire roof in the dark of one of the reconstructed buildings.  The textures and patterns became illuminated with the glow paint and UV torches

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