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St Andrews Primary School Cobham

Project: Bodies in Motion (Olympic year)

Based on Muybridge and the running man

The Exercises

There was an after school session with staff several weeks before the project began where teachers tried the drawing exercises and made movement figure in wire.  They could then relate to how this worked with the age group of their class.

There was an assembly of all classes where pupils were drawing and photographing three young athletes

The project ran over 2 weeks in June
As artist I was running the sessions for 5 days and introducing the exercises to each class (sometimes several together).

This involved every age group in the school from reception (4 years) through to year 6  (11 years) and some had 3 classes or 2 at each age.  

All classes did the timed exercises and geometric man exercises.

A specially selected group worked in wire
An after school art club also worked with wire after I left

geometric man

multiple views on top to think about what you see 
not making a 'good' picture

timed drawings (2 minutes)

anatomical man for year 5

drawing in negative and light

line and light - following Degas

 A young gymnast demonstrated her skills to the school then became the subject of the exercises alongside a local tennis player and runner.




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