sculpture and drawing

Small and large scale works for sale or commission, 
for interiors, gardens and public sites



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I work in a number of different ways but each is an extension of drawing and a reaction to the world as  experienced from day to day.  

After study work in 2 dimensions, I produce sculptures by carving wood or stone or constructing in wire and cement.  I sometimes cold cast the cement sculptures into bronze and treat it with a copper and acid solution which enhances the texture and brings with it verdigris and rust colours.

A consistent subject throughout my career has been the human head in stylized, symbolic form.  I am inspired by head sculptures of Cambodia, India, Thailand and Egypt, and have traveled to see many of them directly.  My head sculptures are about mood and contemplation, they are rarely portraits of specific people even when the study drawings start as such. 

Other subjects are largely interpretations of natural forms.  This may be figurative in the form of amphibians, insects, birds in flight or more abstracted as shells, fish and stylized foliage.  I am most influenced by Medieval Gothic as well as traditional Indian design and interpretation.  In these works the aim is often to bring attention to fascinating but commonly seen natural forms in a styled and extraordinary way.  Seeing the ordinary as extraordinary


I have been working full time as a visual artist since 1983


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